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NAKINA NI-Director - NFV Orchestration Framework

How can a service provider balance agility with security? Moving OA&M activities onto a secure, scalable, and robust platform eliminates many of the common sources of security problems and configuration errors.

The NI-Director is Nakina's platform for element abstraction and orchestration for today's networks and hybrid network being introducing new virtualized SDN and NFV elements. A full suite of management applications that have been field proven with some of the world's largest carriers ensure that NI-Director can provide consistent, accurate, and secure support for applications such as:

  • NFV Service Orchestration
  • End Point Activation. Build End to end services quickly and accurately.
  • Pre-provisioning of devices and services allow our customers to virtualize deployment of CPE devices today.
  • End-to-end Inventory of physical, logical, and service resources and infrastructure.
  • Standardized Configurations for physical and virtual resource types which are Applied with NI-Director and Audited with NI-Collector/Controller (Nakinaís other products)
  • Access Control and Secure Configuration
  • Configuration Flows to automate the creation of physical, virtual, and hybrid networks of both conventional and virtual elements
  • Development and Operations Life Cycle management of Virtual Network Functions
  • Orchestration to:
    • Match virtual resources with the right virtualization infrastructure
    • Configure physical resources to work with virtual resources
    • Configure redundancy and elastic scalability in infrastructure
  • A Mediation Layer for inventory, fault and performance management across physical and virtual domains
  • A Network Operations console integrating visualizations for Fault in the context of topology as well as Shelf level Graphics capabilities.
    • A full suite of FCAPS applications: Equipment configuration, Fault Management, Performance data collection, configuration backup and restore, Software upgrade, etc.
    • A Network Troubleshooting console integrating visualizations for Fault in the context of topology as well as Shelf level Graphics capabilities.
    • Real plug and play capability for rapid deployment of edge devices: Workflow designed to rapidly and accurately commission and provision devices and initial services and bring them under Nakina NI-Director control.

Nakina Operations Console

Each of these applications requires access to NE data, as well as workflow, logging, reporting, data abstraction, and application development support that is:

  • Secure: The people and systems who are working on the network get access to only the resources the are entitled to.
  • Agile: New capabilities need be brought online at any time.
  • Scalable: On an all IP network, any unmanaged device is a potential security threat.
  • Robust: The system has to provide ubiquitous access. High availability ensures that the carrier is able to work without alternative access strategies

Nakina's NI-Director has a full set of application development API's that allow specific management applications to leverage these platform capabilities quickly. NI-Director has been used by Nakina's development partners to address applications as diverse as:

  • fully automated commissioning and provisioning
  • software installation and application distribution
  • full FCAPS management

Nakina Operations Console

NI-Director also supports standards based integration interfaces including SQL, Java, Web Services, SNMP and MTOSI. NI-Director is evolving with NFV/SDN standards as well. This means that NI-Director can exchange data with other OSS and BSS applications using whatever interfaces are required.

Network Element support can be added at run time to the Nakina Framework. This is done by using the wizard based adapter SDK to model device capabilities and create a hot-pluggable adapter that makes these capabilities available without requiring system maintenance windows or restarts. That means adding support for new Network Element types can be done anytime, now or in the future with new network element types that may not be currently being deployed.

The Network Troubleshooting console portion of the NI-Framework is an integrated launch facility for direct network element access through native interfaces, for any form of Craft Interface GUI (Client or web Client) or for other Element Management or OSS systems. Nakina's security capabilities ensure that a given user is only allowed to access devices and systems if authorized and all authorized sessions are fully logged.

NI-Director ensures that managed elements are available to the appropriate systems and operators with in a highly available, secure, scalable environment.

More details on Nakina's NI-Director optional subcomponents: