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Nakina Network Audit and Software Delivery™

Reduce the time it takes to upgrade software on your network from many months to just a few weeks (up to 85% improvement) with Nakina Network Audit and Software Delivery™.

Upgrading software across a large network with hundreds and often thousands of network elements (NEs) can take a year or more in large multi-vendor environments. Aside from the cost of labor associated with such upgrades, often totaling millions, there is a real cost of opportunity associated with delays in realizing revenues from new features embedded in the software upgrades.

Nakina Network Audit and Software Delivery™ provides an automated process of parallel software upgrades to multiple NEs in a secure environment. Automated network audits ensure that you will deliver upgrades throughout your large network successfully the first time - in weeks, not months - with significantly reduced chances of an FCC reportable outage due to the powerful "pre-upgrade audit" capabilities of the system. The entire operation can take place from the comfort of a Network Operations Center (NOC) or remote management site, requiring few, if any, truck rolls.

The Nakina Network Audit and Software Delivery™ software includes the following capabilities:

Network Audit

  • Eliminate hardware incompatibilities or software revision incompatibilities by running pre-upgrade audits of the network that yield complete reports on any incompatibilities that need to be addressed.
  • Increase first attempt success rates for software upgrades by automatically and continually checking the network hardware and alarm audit logs to flag common upgrade problems before and while the software is being delivered.

Software Delivery

  • Eliminate repetitive processes by grouping any number of NEs into workflow groups and reducing elapsed audit and delivery time by automatically loading servers, installing, and managing vendor software in parallel.
  • Organize large upgrade projects with a schedule that fits your operations using software delivery staging. Distribute upgrades from the managed server to every NE in the workflow, activate the software load, and finally commit the activated software.
  • Make it easier for operators with a single user console to manage the entire project, from end-to-end. Wizards guide operators through the audit and delivery workflow setup. Automation scripts allow operators to specify hardware audits, alarm audits, software release specifications, and delivery workflows faster and with less chance of error.
  • Stay informed by monitoring upgrade status on a single user console in real-time from the NOC or remote site. Managers can administer their upgrade projects and track progress from a single interface. The exact status of each upgrade is captured and available for reporting.

Automation and Software Delivery in Perfect Balance As with all other applications, retain total flexibility with a wide array of configurable parameters that allow you to customize the workflow as much as desired. Step automatically through each phase or intervene manually at each step. Start, pause, restart, or stop an upgrade at any time, in real-time. It's that simple.

Nakina Network Audit & Software Delivery™. So software upgrades work right the first time. Every time.